Tied to the dock in Ensenada

A month into our stay here in Ensenada and I think we’re making progress! The few little fibreglass repairs and patches that need doing are all taken care of, and our team painter has been hard at it matching the paint, finishing the non-skid and getting a start on the varnishing!   Meanwhile we now have an installed and tested solar power system, which so far has kept up with the power we use, last night we had the TV and stereo on, fridge and freezer and the sewing machine going! But I guess the real test will be when I install the watermaker, which hopefully will be getting ordered this week.  The watermaker that will be used to fill the tanks that are FINALLY plumbed in! Very few people pay much attention to their running water, turn the tap and voila, water appears! Try making that happen on a boat, let alone on a boat tied to a dock in Mexico, and you have a whole new appreciation for doing the dishes!  If I had been plumbing a house, it would have been no trouble, the parts are easy to find, all fit together and I could probably have bought them all at the same store.  But no.  I had to try and put together a system that was too small for the fishing boats that are around here, and nothing like what goes into the usual house, so I got to know the town a little better!  In the end, I have parts from 3 local stores, one neighbours trip to West Marine in San Diego and another neighbours plumbing supplies on their boat, but it works, and it doesn’t leak, well not anymore anyways.

The marina we’re staying in is kinda cool, the prices are a little surprising at first, pretty much the same as Californian rates, but I guess we are only 60 miles south of the border!  We are definitely in the minority here on several fronts, the first and most obvious, is that we’re not retired!  Apparently in some circles around here, we’re even referred to as “the kids” which is kinda cool when we’re both the wrong side of thirty and starting to feel a little old!  Then there’s the fact we’re not travelling with a dog… or a cat, or in the case of our Aussie friends on Gypseas Two, both!  Admittedly we did think about getting a dog at one point, then the reality of smelly wet dog, and no real outside to make it sleep, kicked in, and we thought better of the idea.  We were thinking of a Rottweiler of course,  a real dog, and an excellent boat alarm, whereas the majority of the local canine residents are little yappers, the modern equivalent of the domesticated wharf rat I guess…

Then there are the other neighbours… Twice a week the Carnival Inspiration cruise ship pulls up beside the marina and belches out bus and taxi loads of loud tourists, to stumble around town, paying top dollar for a souvenir sombrero and some cheap tequila to wash down their cheap viagra.  The ship then blasts its horn a few times, like an impatient parent waiting outside the all night disco for its teenage kids, reminding the taxi drivers and tour guides to herd them all back onboard so they can ship them north again… good reason to stay home and do nothing on Saturdays and Wednesdays, although it can be pretty entertaining to watch them stumble around the bars on First St! 


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