Ensenada update, week 5?

I guess I’m losing track of time and date keeping already, I didn’t even realise it was August until a few days into it, and most questions as to what time is it are usually answered with a reference to lunchtime – “ it’s a little after lunch, but not quite beer o’clock”

After a while it breaks down to cruise ship day (Wed or Sat), Sunday (this one you can tell because the port across the water is usually quiet) and the days in-between.   So you can imagine my confusion when I woke up Thursday morning last week and saw a different cruise ship outside our window! Turns out this one was called the Peace Boat, which instantly kicked off “The Love Boat, soon will be making another round……” scary theme song memories that I though had been tucked away deep enough so as never to resurface, but it also kicked off some curiosity/boredom, so I googled it and sure enough there it was! Turns out it’s a Japanese based activist conference centre so far as I could tell,  so I quickly informed the boss that it was a kinda cool cruise ship for hippies and the like, and that I didn’t mind them messing up the calendar like that…

They seemed harmless enough, the same little buses that show up for regular cruise ship day tootled their way along the road, ferrying the passengers into town to buy stuff they didn’t need but obviously wanted, and then back to the boat again, just like normal.  Like I said, they SEEMED harmless enough, until it got dark… and then the karaoke/disco bar stand-up comedian show started! I thought the regular ships were loud enough, but I guess it takes a boat load of tree huggers and whale lovers to show us old marina types how to really keep someone awake half the night!

As you can see, exciting times on the dock! More exciting than reading about the headliner I pulled out of the main cabin, so I can take off the hardware on the coach roof to see if I can FINALLY stop the damn leaks!  I also managed to shorten the dining table to fit a little better, while my lovely co-pirate sanded and varnished the steps up on to the deck, repainted the non-skid around the sterns and on the cabin top (slowing the leak fixing process down slightly) and started sewing new couch cushion covers, not to mention actually getting out sailing last week!

So things are progressing along nicely! Pretty soon, we should have the new carpet in, couch finished and possibly even my nav desk and distribution panel project wrapped up, which means I can finally start adding some before and after photos of the inside!  Ok, maybe I’m a little more excited than you are, but after 6 months of living in an ongoing refit and surrounded by sawdust and bare boat bones, the thought of nearly finishing ONE room is pretty sweet!


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