Lazy day by the pool

The last couple of weeks have been pretty much like the others since we got here – work, tacos and some more work.  We did manage to take a day off and check out the local natural hot springs last week.  The pools are fed by an underground spring and full of Mexican tourists, no gringos here!

After an hour or so in the pools,  we moved over to the bbq and cooked the carne asada and tortillas we had brought along, chatted with the neighbours and finished off the beers.  A half hour, high speed, off road drive later, we were back at the marina, wondering what we had to leave under our pillows at night to get the boat repair fairy’s to work and start finishing up our numerous projects!

On that note, I think I finally have a pretty good handle on the known leaks now, the tracks and traveller on the coach roof were taken off, cleaned and reinstalled.  And seeing as I had all the headliner out of the main cabin, we figured it would be a good time to insulate everything to try and help with keeping it a little cooler inside.   Also made a brief start on cutting the new headliner for in the hulls, just need to insulate, and can start installing that too!

needs a wash down for sure…

Meanwhile the team seamstress has made our new window coverings, well all but one, but we have to wait for a few little parts that I just got ordered to arrive.  They looked so professional, that we’ve already had one guy in the marina say that he’ll hire Sabi to make his for him too!  Sweet!  With the amount of trouble we’re having trying to figure out work permits here, the more marina work we can get the better, until we figure out the paperwork Sea Raven can’t start paying her way!

So as the original deadline for departure looms just 5 weeks away, I think we are making progress towards it… will we be ready? Probably not, but I wasn’t really ready to sail south either and that worked out just fine, the reality is, if we waited to be totally ready, we would be as old as most of the neighbours before we left!


4 responses to “Lazy day by the pool

  1. hello Terry and Sabrine
    the fond memories of running down the california coast on Sea Raven often pops up.Hopeing the dream will progress and finish fast. Hope to see you in Mexico. Danny Webb ( past crew)

    • Hey Danny,
      I guess other than the first night and following morning, the rest are fond memories for sure! Good to hear from you, and hope you’re getting closer to heading south yourself!

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