Still stuck in Ensenada

did you miss me!!

Probably not, life goes on and all that.  and so it continues here in the land of tequila and tacos…

Been plenty happening as usual, getting ready for the big trip south, finally!  aiming to leave in a week for La Paz, Baja California, by way of Turtle Bay and Mag Bay with a few stops along the way.

Mean while, things are finally starting to shape up aboard, the main cabin is almost done, just some flooring for the galley corner and a little touch up to the finish work and she’s good!  the bathroom/head is coming together too, after alot of sanding and fairing missions, the tub is almost ready to connect up and the new toilet finally arrived last week too, be nice to not have to make the morning commute to the marina facilities.

port corner of main cabin before

port corner during

and tah-dah! the new daybed, with our queen berth below in the port hull!

Managed a couple of sailing trips last week, the first with 6 friends on board for the ride, not the best conditions, the swell and wind couldn’t agree on which way to go so it was a rolly afternoon, I think everyone else got a little sick! should have guessed it would be a fun day when the lazy-jacks ( the lines to help the mainsail drop in place) tangled up and I had to go up the mast to untangle them!

The next trip was just Sabi and I, went the other direction in the bay and ran into a pod of around 30 dolphins out catching lunch, not enough wind to do much though, so just chilled out and enjoyed the ride, noting all the little things we had to fix up, like the drawer latches, can’t have the cutlery on the floor when we leave, so new ones are being made up.

aft port corner when we bought her

port aft corner during….

and the new galley, bigger than our last kitchen on land, and straight out of IKEA

Had an epic fail on the paperwork side of things, guess starting up our business here will be a little harder than we thought, may have to go ninja on it and stay stealth,  or I could just get a job! gotta pay the bills, and with the plans of an extra mouth to feed in formation, the rice and beans diet may not cut it!


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