and we’re off!!

Sometimes it felt like we would never get out of Ensenada!  The projects we wanted to cross off the list before we left all took way longer than planned, of course, and plenty of new urgent ones threw themselves at us…  but we did it!

the original aft head

tearing up the floor and shortening the cabinets

getting the new tub framed in…

Yesterday, well this morning actually, I finally crossed of the biggie – the shower!  I originally thought I would leave the hot water till later and just have a cold shower set up for now, mainly to try and speed the whole thing up, but as the saying goes; “happy wife, happy life!”  Being obviously keen on keeping my ever patient co-pirate happy, I gave up my plans to buy a surfboard for now, and went and bought a hot water heater!  Turned out not to be that much more difficult to set up, and now the shower is a go!  Just have to connect the water maker up to the power and the endless showers begin, I know, not very boaty, but hey, who really wants a luke warm 2 min shower anyways?

still a couple of little things to put in place, but pretty close

and a working head!

Last week we actually managed to get out of the marina a couple of times and see some of the surrounding area too.  For my birthday we rented a car and drove north to a little restaurant we had been told about for lunch, picked up a sail we lent some friends months ago and drove through the vineyard area up in the hills behind Ensenada.  Admittedly after spending a year or so in the Napa Valley, the vineyards weren’t as impressive as they could have been, but it was nice to get away and see the countryside for a change.

what town doesn’t want a huge jesus watching over them!

el mirador north of Ensenada

el mirador

el mirador

The next night a friend of ours took us to see some friends of his play at a restaurant nearby, a violinist and classical guitar pair, not what you would normally think of as being good together perhaps, but they were awesome to see play live.

So now, after prepping to leave three times in the last couple of weeks, and being postponed due to bad weather to the south, we are loaded up and ready to go!  Full tanks and enough food to last a month or so, should see us safely down the outside of the Baja peninsula and into La Paz in the Sea of Cortez where we plan to spend the next who knows how long!

the new dining table and couch

finally finished nav desk

a farewell sunset!

Next stop Turtle Bay, 300 miles and about 60 hours to the south!


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