Turtle Bay for a day, or so

31st October – Turtle Bay

downtown Turtle Bay

finally, at anchor A couple of the other boats anchored here headed out today, they know whats coming over the horizon, and sensibly want to stay well clear of it… so do we, but after the trip we have a few things we need to do before we take off again – connect and run the watermaker finally, change the oil in the engines and rest a little…

What’s coming you ask?  It’s called a “Baja-ha-ha” and basically its 150+ boats, loaded up with retirees who finally bought a boat and decided to sail south, but didn’t want to do it alone, Mexico is a dangerous place after all, and the ocean has to be safer with 150 other boats out there bobbing around to run into at night.  Each to their own I guess, personally, we aren’t as into the pack cruising mentality, and have been planning our trip to avoid the 500 or so americans who are swarming around, but hurricane Paul and then three days without wind, had us in Turtle Bay when they are due to arrive, the first few boats arrived today. We already had one guy come over and asked if I surf, I said yeh, but I don’t have a board with me, which apparently means I’m not a REAL surfer, but I could borrow a board and tag along with the other pot-bellied gringos on longboards and go on their special surf tour…. ” ummm, maybe….”

an old cannery, Turtle Bay

With him gone, we unloaded the dink, and headed to shore to check out the “town”.  not much to see, a rickity old dock, a few tienda’s and alot of dirt and dust… pretty much exactly what we like in a mexican town, but with the pack on its way, the prices had doubled and the kids were ready for their handouts, asking us for money and candy as soon as we stepped on shore… I know the other sailers think they’re doing a nice thing by giving the kids their change and handing out lollies like that weirdo outside the school, but I don’t agree with it, they end up expecting it of everyone and it ruins the place.   I remember the kids on Mana Island in Fiji, all they wanted to do was play, I spent hours spinning them round while they nearly cried laughing, not once was I asked for anything else…

1st November – Turtle Bay

Last night we went to bed with about 20 boats in the bay, they had slowly been filing in, one by one… this morning we woke up to over 50, and they keep on coming!  We talked on one guy we know from Ensenada who told us there are 156 boats this year, joy!

So this morning we snuck ashore early and had breakfast before anyone else had ventured out, took a few photos and came back to the boat.   Apparently there’s a big party onshore tonight, and a pot-luck bbq tomorrow, but we plan on weighing anchor around sunrise and continuing south.

On a different note, I did get the watermaker running, and we are refilling our tanks as we speak!  Finally we can shower and not worry so much about how much water isn’t left.  Of course nothing comes without a price, and I found that the solar hadn’t been charging all day yesterday, so now I have the genny running topping off the batteries and keeping the watermaker going, between that and all the motoring to get here, I’m starting to feel like a power-boater!


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