6 Weeks in La Paz, Part 1 – Rescuing International Rescue

On one of those busy days we have lately, maybe go look for supplies, maybe not, Sabine had arranged to meet up for coffee with a friend of ours here, when we heard on the radio that their boat was having trouble, dragging anchor and making the neighbours nervous. Seeing as I was not up to much we offered to help out.  I was thinking I would have to help reset the anchor or drop a second one, or worst case scenario dive down and see what was going on…

So we met them on a dock near the boat and headed out there, turns out they had organised to have the boat hauled out and have some much needed work done, and asked if we could tow them there.

the little dinghy that could

the little dinghy that could

Sure I figured, seeing the collection of yards less than a mile away, won’t be too bad, but nope….. they were going to the OTHER boat yard… the one that was 5 miles away at the beginning of the channel into La Paz…. how bad could it be right!

not far to go now!

not far to go now!

A little history on their boat, Thunderbird 1…

Our friends were volunteers for a Not For Profit Organisation that aims to provide disaster relief and aid to areas hard to access by land using a team of boats, the organisation is called International Rescue Group, hence the Thunderbird 1 name, problem was that there was no Thunderbird 2 nearby to help them, only Sea Raven!  So this first boat in the IRG collection was a donation in the San Francisco Bay area, where the group is building a bigger “mother-ship”.

Jack at the helm of Thunderbird 1

Jack at the helm of Thunderbird 1

A crew of volunteers jumped aboard the new gift and headed south with the Baja He-Ho fleet… Y’know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth, well with a gift boat you probably should!  They’re not sure if the broken prop strut came with the boat or happened when the caught a line from a crab pot on the way down, and I guess for a free boat, its not so bad overall, nothing compared to the state Sea Raven was in, but the difference here is these guys are volunteers, thinking they were heading to the South Pacific and Asia to do good deeds, and now they are stuck in La Paz, with a broken boat that they don’t own, which makes the motivation to fix it pretty different to ours!

Anyways, we tied TB 1 to they side of our dink, well maybe more the other way around, and with the throttle down on our lil 9.5 Hp outboard we chugged away towards the yard, pushing a 37′ 20000lb ish boat along!

SAMSUNGIt only took a few hours, Sabi hung out on their boat and I tried to avoid the fumes from the outboard.  When we made it too the yard, I expected to hand over control of the boat to one of the yard boats to take in… apparently they figured I was doing such a good job, I got to keep the boat tied to me, and negotiate the thing onto a partially submerged boat trailer so they could drag it out!

Pulled it off like a pro, if I do say so myself, although I don’t think the yard took me seriously when they said I’d done so, and I asked for a job!

After checking the boat in we loaded up in the dinghy and putted the 5 miles back to town for dinner and margaritas!

Life is tough….


2 responses to “6 Weeks in La Paz, Part 1 – Rescuing International Rescue

  1. I’m pretty sure that I met the mothership up in Alameda in the yard where we bought our boat. Glad you guys are doing well!
    We’re sailing into Vallarta as I type.

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