Yes, I have been sailing too!

A week or so back, the local sailing club, held a race day out in the bay here in La Paz.

We were supposed to be heading out to the islands for a weeks break from the city and so I could get my diving fix in, but I managed to convince the boss to delay a few days so I could crew on one of the boats and get a day of sailing in for a change!

Seeing as Sea Raven isn’t quite ready to try and race, I threw my name out there as crew, and managed to get on another cat, Sun Baby, with Larry and Beth.

Larry the captain and me

Larry the captain and me

Now Larry is a racer, and while our friends on Kiapa (the catamaran I mentioned a few posts back as being my dream boat!) were likely to take the line, we figured we had a good chance on corrected time.

And we were right!  Larry timed a near perfect start, and after an impressive up hill leg, 8kts into the wind, not normally a cats strong point, we crossed the line behind Kiapa and claimed the overall win!

Beth took some great photos, and I thought it would be easier to just link in her blog for you to check them out…




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