Well…. That was January I guess…

You’d think with nothing to do but drink margaritas and lay in my hammock all day, I would manage to get a blog post up now and then!

IMG_5455Unfortunately, the days of lazing around and watching cactus grow are still in the distant future, and although there is definitely more chill time than most people get to enjoy, the days fly by!

January wasn’t overly exciting at the time, but as I sit here now and relive it for you guys, it sounds like I wasn’t just avoiding the boat projects after all.


statue on the malecon, La Paz

statue on the malecon, La Paz

I don’t know if I mentioned them before, but the big feature of the weather around here in the winter is the Norther.  Originally named, this northern wind will come through every couple of weeks, giving a timely reminder that your anchor really is your best insurance policy.  Although, they are only as safe as your neighbours anchor or mooring!  Early in the month I was first one awake I guess and first on the spot to help a lady untangle one of the many derelict/abandoned boats that are moored in La Paz out of her lifelines and rigging at 6am.  Cold and wet would be the best description of the day!

A week or so later, the next good blow came, and this time I was out there in the cold and choppy bay helping to reset anchors on a couple of unattended boats and passing on some advice about anchoring to another boat after I jumped aboard and helped him move, for the boat type people out there, he has a 41ft sailboat and wondered why he dragged his 25 lb anchor with 40ft of rode out in a 30 kt blow….. I guess I could have left it to Darwin to sort out, but hopefully he will learn and it will be safer for all of us instead!

IMG_5467With all the excitement out of the way, we ran into some friends of ours from Napa Marina who had just arrived in town, and a day or so later, I had agreed to help him and a friend tear down a boat in the northern part of the Sea of Cortez.

A cold 2 days of sailing north later, we got to San Carlos and got to work.   Between Mike  and I, we stripped a 37 ft steel boat down to almost bare bones in 3 days, spent a couple of days helping our friend reinstall some of the parts on his boat, and then jumped on the ferry back, dragging a treasure trove of goodies with us – charts, furlers, auto-pilot, sail and a new freezer for Sea Raven, just what I needed, more projects!

We made it back to the boats in La Paz just in time for the next Norther to kick in, luckily all the action was a way from us this time!

bump update photo, week 17!

bump update photo, week 17!

So after a week away working on someone elses boat, I was kindly reminded of our list of projects and the upcoming deadline of visiting family and new crew member.   Since then I have almost finished the “nursery” and I think I’ve made a dent a few other projects!  2 months is a long time, but it was 3 months, better get going eh!

IMG_5473 IMG_5469As a distraction from it all, its carnival week in La Paz, and although we are no longer the party till dawn types, we did spend a night walking the malecon, letting the carnies swindle some coin out of our pockets in return for false hopes of large stuffed fluffy things, nope, didn’t win anything….IMG_5465


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