A Trip to Todos Santos…

When most guys ask their wives if they would like to spend their wedding anniversary anchored off a small Mexican town in a 60ft catamaran, I’m sure they get all sorts of hugs and smiles… Seems my wife is not like most wives, which is why I love her!

For our 2nd anniversary, we did what I think most boat dwellers do, we rented a car and headed to a hotel somewhere nice!

IMG_5484Well we thought it was somewhere nice, the first room we booked turned out to be little more than a palapa (little thatched roof hut) with a bed and a sink, ok there were partial walls, and I’m sure that in the summer it would be nice, but its still winter here and the idea of spending the night freezing cold in little more than a tent didn’t sound like what we wanted.  We went to dinner to decide what to do, and after forcing down the decidedly average meal, we snuck in, which wasn’t hard as the “room” also had not locking door, grabbed our bags and drove to the next town.

After driving around a while and asking in a few hotels for somewhere cheaper than they were, we booked ourselves into a reasonable room and settled in.

Todos Santos from what I can make out sprung up when someone wrote a song about the main hotel in town, the Hotel California, dunno if you’ve heard it, apparently its catchy….

IMG_5489IMG_5485We spent the next day wandering around the old colonial center, checking out a few galleries, unfortunately we missed their annual art festival by a couple of days, but what we did see was impressive.

The afternoon was a short off road trip in the rental car to the beach to watch the whales passing by, and a bouncy drive through the coconut and mango groves back to town before a really good wood fired pizza dinner, though the restaurant was outside and we had to get a blanket off the waiter to keep Sabi warm!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_5499I guess the 2 days off was what I needed, since then I’ve managed to clean the bottom of the boat, (comparable to shaving a tennis court while holding your breath), trim and paint one berth, finally, and I’m now well on the way to finishing berth number two!  Progress!


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