a reminder of why we’re here!

A couple of weeks back after another day of trying to make things fit back together, I sat down and wrote my beautiful wife a note.  It went of along the lines of – Daring boss lady, I quit!

It turns out after spending almost every night in the last 18 months aboard, and almost every day following those nights fixing or planning or staring at things to fix/plan, I hit the wall!  I decided it was time to pack up the tools and take a break, so we stocked up and headed for the islands again, this time vowing to myself the only projects I would be doing would involve books and a spear-gun.

IMG_5573 And it was great!  We headed out one day around 12 and spent the night at nearby Caleta Lobo, our normal go to anchorage when we just need to get out of La Paz and get rolling.  The next morning we headed north to Ensenada Grande, trolling 3 different lures, at different depths, different distances from the boat and different speeds, nothing, turns out the fish don’t want to be the guests of honour at our dinner table after all.


full sail flying!

A quite night later, and we set our sights further north, towards Isla San Francisco, about 20 miles north of where we normally go and as luck would have it, we had wind!  Yup, we actually got to sail for a change, shaking some of the dust and salt off of Sea Ravens wardrobe and making way with out the humm of the iron genny, nice!


making a mess of the boat

The first night there, a neighbour I had met earlier in La Paz, came by to see if we wanted a snapper, seems he had more than enough to share.  20 mins later said snapper was nicely tucked in on our newly installed BBQ and sizzling away nicely.  That snapper set the ball rolling on what turned out to be 10 meals in a row for me, breakie, lunch and dinner, of fish!  Not all the same snapper mind, variety is the spice of life!  The next day I went out fishing with our neighbour and another friend and while I only managed a pan-sized lunch catch, he nailed a 35lb yellow tail!   Feeling a little out gunned, I spent the next week honing my spearing skills and by the end of it I had managed to stock up the freezer to the point I wasn’t allowed to shoot anything else, no sense getting more than we could eat!


grouper for dinner


and snapper for the freezer

While working on my free diving, we also moved around, exploring new anchorages – the small fishing camp of San Evaristo, the sand fly capital of the neighbourhood Bahia de Amortajada and a small beach at Cabeza de Mechudo.  From Mechudo, we upped anchor and set sail back towards Ensenada Grande, unfortunately the wind had other ideas, and after basically going sideways for a couple of hours, tacking back and forth almost on the spot, we gave up, fired up the engines and headed back into Isla San Francisco for another couple of nights, we hadn’t hiked the ridge line last time, so seemed as good an excuse as any!


the anchorage at Isla San Francisco


getting bigger and more beautiful everyday! Week 24


hiking the ridge on Isla San Francisco

Now we’re back in La Paz, restocking the fridge with fresh veges, and heading back out to the islands, this time to get some work done again!  The countdown is on till the family arrive, so I better hurry up and get the last berth finished! IMG_5758 IMG_5741


As a side note, I think its time I updated our flikr albums!  I will let you know when I get that done, just trying to figure out how to watermark them, any suggestions??IMG_5726


11 responses to “a reminder of why we’re here!

  1. Nice work with the spear buddy… you’ve come a long way since being dropped off on the reef in Fiji #sharkbait

  2. Hi guys,

    I have been catching up on your past posts. Great reading and I am very jealous. You have really taken Sea Raven a long way from her condition in the early posts.

    I am also glad to see you are taking time away from boat projects to remember why you are out there rather suffering in a cubicle somewhere.

    Fair winds,


    • Hey Jesse!
      thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you’re enjoying our adventures! There is still a lot to be done, but its easier now that we are out here, as long as I remember to take the time to enjoy it like you said! With the baby on the way, and all going well, a return to NZ next season, I hope I can keep you entertained until you get those dock lines cast off and sail away yourself!


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