nana’s fish chowder!

This simple recipe is one that I will miss while we are off the boat for the next few months.  Sure I can make it in Holland, and probably will, but its not the same without a morning of spear fishing, and all going well, fish cleaning in preparation!

Step 1 of course is catch the fish.

not my best catch, but a worthy adversary underwater nonetheless

not my best catch, but a worthy adversary underwater nonetheless

I almost had a nice size harlequin grouper/hawk fish, but you guessed it, he got a way, so instead a couple of barred snapper volunteered their services, and as always a big thank you to the fish.

IMG_6331Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan, and add onion and garlic, saute until it smells great and add a couple of chopped potatoes into the mix.  Now I know the whole thing looks a little un-colourful  at the moment, but we are spoiled enough to have a freezer aboard Sea Raven, so we get to add reds and yellows and greens later in the process, if you don’t have this little luxury, you could add fresh veges to suit, the bonus is this recipe can be spiced up however you like!

IMG_6335When the potatoes are in the mix, add a cup of water and some chicken stock.  Eventually we will  be able to use our own homemade fish stock, but as we are leaving soon, I never bothered to make any.  It’s such a waste to not use so much of the fish, and stock is the perfect use for what’s left after filleting, especially considering we can brew it up and stash it away in the freezer until we need it.

Once the potatoes have almost cooked, add the chopped and deboned fish, how much you use is up to you and how many you are feeding, the quantities here are perfect for 2.

IMG_6338Now while the fish is cooking, its time to make the sauce, just a basic white sauce is all thats needed.  Again melt 2 tablespoons of butter and add a little over a tablespoon of  flour until you get a thick paste.  Then slowly stir in and mix 1 cup of milk, I usually end up using a little more, so long as you keep mixing it won’t get lumpy!

Around this time, we have warmed up some mixed frozen veges, canned would work too, and added them to the saucepan with the fish.  Pour the white sauce in, and mix together.  Add salt & pepper to taste, I usually add a little dill and parsley as well, and its ready to eat!IMG_6340

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, huge thank you to Nana for passing the recipe this way!

Nana and Grandad at our wedding a few years back

Nana and Grandad at our wedding a few years back


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