out of the frying pan, into the fridge

adios La Paz!

adios La Paz!

A week ago we were struggling to get used to the heat.  We would get up in the morning to a cold 15kt wind, and about 15C in the cabin, not that cold in the grand scheme of things, but it had me wearing trackies, a hoodie and socks!  Around 10.30 the wind would die down and by 11.30, it was 30C and climbing.   Thats when Sabi and belly would plant themselves firmly in front of the fan, and I would get back to the job at hand – prepping Sea Raven for 3 months of emptiness while we flew to Holland to bring our little one into the world.   Most days I would get a good solid hour of work in before the thermometer would start knocking on 35…36…37…  Too hot to get anything much done  outside, especially with no breeze, so it was 10 minute bursts of activity then back to the shade of the cabin.  But we got it all done and now our trusty home is tied to a dock for the first time in 8 months, all alone in Mexico…

Sea Raven's home for a few months

Sea Raven’s home for a few months

We read through a couple of online lists of what you should do when storing your boat, and then fine tuned it to suit us and Sea Raven and ended up with the following:


  • Epoxy, prep and paint cracks
  • Secure and insect screen dorades (vents)
  • haul and clean dinghy
  • fresh water rinse and run out fuel in outboard
  • pull through halyards and sheets (lines for sails)
  • loosen over tight stays and re caulk as needed
  • secure solar panel wiring better
  • lash booms in place
  • clean up storage bins
  • fix window covering snap fastners
  • diesel additives to tanks
  • chafe protection for dock lines
  • walk through with caretaker
  • bring instruments inside from helm
  • store sails inside
  • make sure ports and hatches are closed
  • wash down boat
  • shut off gas
  • remove NZ flag and store below
  • offering to Neptune (some old bolts and rum of course!)


  • clean galley and head with simple green
  • confirm contact details for caretaker
  • clean out fridge and freezer
  • throw away food
  • set cockroach traps
  • laundry
  • empty holding tank
  • caulk rub-rail
  • doctor appointment
  • check hatches are closed
  • open all locker covers
  • strap in TV
  • check all fuses
  • pack bags

After our final goodbyes to Sea Raven we got a ride to the airport and 26 odd hours of travel later, we’re in Holland!

IMG_6434The weather is definitely cooler!  Somewhere between 10C and 20C pretty much covers it, and the t-shirt has gone from being a combination of social necessity and sun cover to a nice base layer, under the hoodie and jacket!

So now I’m studying dutch each day, checking on hurricanes with my fingers crossed, and researching charter possibilities in the South Pacific, still haven’t decided where, but I’ve got an extra mouth to feed in a few weeks, so I better snap to it!

week 32 update!

week 32 update!

I’ll be mixing it up while we’re here with the blog, a few flashback refit blogs and a few others I’ve been meaning to post, and of course regular updates on the bump!


4 responses to “out of the frying pan, into the fridge

  1. Here’s to your exciting new phase of your life! X
    p.s went out on the boat yesterday ended up having to be rescued and towed back to shore cos engine packed in, and lost the anchor at the bottom of the sea! So not such a good one but many lessons learnt x

    • lol! the first time we anchored Sea Raven, it was only my dive gear that got the anchor back up again, not to mention the broken dolphin striker (bad design!) all part of the fun!

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