2 Weeks and counting down!

As B-day approaches, our days are occasionally interrupted by little bursts of humour from my beautiful co-pirate and baby mumma.   Ok maybe I’m the only one who find some of them funny, but honestly babe, I’m laughing WITH you!  “Achhooo!  Ah shit, I just peed myself!”, for example, and in my defense, Sabi laughs too!

Week 37, almost there!

Week 37, almost there!

A few phrases tend to revolve around bubs’ dancing.  Seriously, it seems she has her own little soundtrack goin on in there and she doesn’t mind moving to it, elbows and legs flaying like a club on a Saturday night.  “Whoa girl, what you doin”, and “OWW, stop kicking me in the ribs”.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to live with this, and I do need to be reminded when baby and me are high-fivin, that mummy is in the middle and although its cool that she will shimmy up to my palm as I press on the belly, Mum does get squished sometimes!

mooi buik!

mooie buik!

Aside from talking to our pre-baked bubba, we have pretty much stocked up on all the little extras we needed to make life easy when she gets here – changing bag, bottles, nappies, baby monitor, more nappies and what seems like a ridiculous amount of clothing for someone so small!  She already has her own suitcase FULL of clothes, and she isn’t even here yet!

looking and feeling very kangaroo like...

looking and feeling very kangaroo like…

We roll over 38 weeks this Friday, 2 weeks to go by the book, although fingers crossed she decides to come out a week or so early, not up to us though unfortunately.  So long as she doesn’t act like her Dad, impatient in so many ways, but I arrived WEEKS late!

the parents to be!

the parents to be!


7 responses to “2 Weeks and counting down!

  1. Congrats you guys–have a wonderful time. Boat babies are the best. You asked about hauling out and I answered but am guessing you may be a bit busy to hunt down my response so: yes Abaroa in La Paz. They applied our paint and while they put the first coat on fine we believe they only used a small portion of the second tin of paint we gave them, thinned dramatically, for the second coat. No proof other than we had been working along side them then went out briefly–when we returned they said the painting was done and our paint was used up (it shouldn’t have been). The paint failed in about 3 months (again shouldn’t have) and it’s been an ongoing problem to remove it properly (a sign they used something nasy to thin it). Beyond this it was just fine there–you just need to keep an eye on things as they work to make sure the quality/consistency are there. As an aside we actually had an earthquake when on the hard and they were pretty awesome about making sure all was well.

    • thanks for the info! Kinda what I expected, hoping to convince them to let me do the work, but not holding my breath. I know a few of the lifers in La Paz that maybe able to help!

  2. We’re excited for you two (soon to be three!). We can’t wait to hear how the transition into parenthood goes. We hope to catch up with you three sometime next winter in Mexico!

  3. Honestly, I can’t recall how much of the work we had an option to do ourselves. I know we did most stuff–but my guess if it had been a choice we would have painted ourselves. We’re pretty cheap:)

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