If Alma could say anything, it would be “jeez its hot here”

The title pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks here in La Paz.  While its great being back aboard Sea Raven, with the inside cabin temperatures hitting 35 everyday, it’s pretty hard to stay focussed on the list of projects.

and this is inside in the shade

and this is inside in the shade

Our first few days back saw the girls acclimatize a little in a nice air conditioned room, while I cleaned the boat up and got her ready to leave the marina.  On my first day working, I walked by a couple of guys standing on the docks staring at the water and holding a broken spear gun.  Naturally I went and stared with them and was surprised to see some decent sized snapper swimming around just out of reach… One of the guys was the night watchman, and the other was his friend, who it seems bikes down there in the mornings before the boss man arrives and shoots a couple of fish for dinner, not today it would seem.  Well not until I kindly offered a loan of my gun, happy mexican!  Half hour later he dropped the gun off along with a nice looking snapper for me to throw in the freezer, happy kiwi!

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, and a few days later when I was back at the boat, and he came by asking to borrow the gun again, I said sure!   I carried on prepping away, making sure I was ready to leave that day by lunchtime when my new friend came shuffling back, gun in one hand while the other gestured “it was this big!” – a size waaaayyy bigger than the gun was rigged to shoot, thats when I noticed the spear was missing… bollocks…. the spear as you can probably guess is an integral part to the successful workings of a SPEARgun… After asking him WTF he was thinking shooting a fish “this big”, I repossessed the spearless-gun and went back to work…  I may not be rich, but to a Mexican who bikes to the marina to shoot fish for dinner, Sea Raven seems like I must be Larry Emerson or something, so I figured I wouldn’t be hitting him up for a new spear anytime soon… lesson learned again – don’t lend toys or tools, but I can’t help myself trying to help people out, so such is life I guess…

sunsets make you forget about lost spears...

sunsets make you forget about lost spears…

After that I moved Sea Raven all by myself to the fuel dock, and then out to the anchorage… so what you say? Ever tried to single handedly park a building?  I was pretty pleased with myself to be honest 🙂

So we moved back aboard as a real boat family for the first time, and set about getting Alma settled.  We tried a small window AC unit for about an hour, and decided that it wasn’t worth running the generator all day to get the little bit of cold it threw out into a not so little space, so we returned it and bought another fan, happy bubba and mumma!

catchin a breeze on her first surf-board!

catchin a breeze on her first surf-board!

The next week and a bit passed as I expected.  Get up early to avoid the heat, spend a few hours running around trying to find something basic (for example a replacement power adaptor for the new hard drive I bought in Holland to replace the one I bought in Ensenada to replace the one I picked up in San Francisco) still looking for that one… and it turns out a head (toilet on a boat for you land lubbers) is another either hard to get or ridiculously expensive item here in mexicolandia.   Once I’d spent the most productive hours of the day on my bike riding around town, I would go back to the boat to drop off the booty, pick up my laptop and go ashore to watch Team NZ batter Oracle in the America’s Cup, well until the wind picked up in San Fran and they called off the racing each day…

Nemo aquarium!

Nemo aquarium!



So things are going well with our little boat baby, she is loving her new Nemo themed berth, even though she does have to share it with us for a while.  And with her new play pen/day bed in the salon, just the right size for her to lay on her little surf board blanket, she is well on her way to becoming a sailor/surfer/diver/spearo, well if all goes according to my plan that is, it all depends what she wants to do when she gets there, along way till then though!

noticing a theme? no princesses here!

noticing a theme? no princesses here!

Then 2 days before we rolled out of here and headed for high ground to avoid the hurry-caners,  we woke up to a hurry-caner warning, doh…  After some quick thinking, we decided the best thing to do was get the girls ashore before it got too hot, set them up in a hotel, and I would get the boat ready and hunker down for the night.  Great plan!

why hello Manuel

why hello Manuel

Everything went great, especially when Manuel (our latest storm) decided to head to the mainland instead of visiting us here in Baja, can’t blame him really, Baja is super expensive….

So now we are catching up with an old friend from many moons ago in Oaxaca, then weighing anchor and hopefully catching the last of the southerly breeze on Saturday, back to the islands and on up into the sea for fishing and more boat work… oh and now theres also hand washing nappies daily too, joy!

Sea Raven Sailing - washing nappies in exotic locations since 2013

Sea Raven Sailing – washing nappies in exotic locations since 2013






6 responses to “If Alma could say anything, it would be “jeez its hot here”

    • already re-rigged the gun with a slightly heavier spear and spectra line, look out yellow tail!

      He’d broken the metalwish bone on his, but yeh, next time I’ll mention the half dozen rods and reels I never use!

  1. Terry, love your fun (look on the bright side) writing style and attitude. Great job with the website and updates. When can we connect next? Say hello to everyone (except the spear gun guy). 🙂

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