adios La Paz!

Right, where was I….

We had just arrived back in La Paz, co-pirate’s toe was red and infected, I was running on maté, and there was an annoying north wind blowing through the anchorage, just to add to the joy of sitting beam-to a 5 kt current… in short, perfect conditions to launch the dink and head to shore!

The X-ray came back clear, and after talking to the Dr, he prescribed a different antibiotic, “no es ok, you can stop these ones (the original prescription with one day left) and start taking theese ones”.  We were also lucky enough to be seeing a Dr who had “studied” medicines and breast feeding and he assured us that the new one, and in fact any medications you want to take, would have little or no effect on you lil’ breastfeeding bubba…. Ahhh how reassurring!

I don't think so doc, this little one is drug free!

I don’t think so doc, this little one is drug free!

So after filling the prescription, we taxied back to the boat and called Holland to find out what the rest of the world thinks is the best thing to do… Turns out the new antibiotics where not the right ones, were REALLY bad for breastfeeding bubbas, and we would be better off sacrificing a chicken and dancing naked in the moonlight…. or we could extend the medication that we were currently taking by a couple of days and that should take care of it… and it did….

With that taken care of, it was time to get down to the serious business at hand… leaving La Paz once and for all.

ok, maybe I'll miss the La Paz sunsets... maybe

ok, maybe I’ll miss the La Paz sunsets… maybe


I know there are a lot of people who really like La Paz, there are 4 over-priced marinas full of boats to confirm that, but to be honest, I’m not one of them.  Sure, it has its upside’s – great provisioning and plenty of parts for the rebuild, and of course, we’ve made plenty of friends along the way, but overall I was pretty under-whelmed with the city.  In fairness, it isn’t La Paz’s fault.  Many moons ago, Sabi and I drove through Mexico in a shitty old GMC van that had been given to us, and as we zig-zagged our way down the country, we fell in love with the little towns and friendly people and cheap street tacos! (ok the last one may have been more my love affair than Sabine’s!)

how we used to roll, our van "guerrero"

how we used to roll, our van “guerrero”

so young and boat work free....

so young and boat work free….

Now all those years later, the Mexico we are playing in with Sea Raven is worlds apart from what we experienced.  Yes there are some cute little towns, plenty of dirt streets and palapa roofs if you wander off the beaten track, but the feeling is different… We come around here following years of gringos on boats, thats years of them paying top dollar for anything boat related, and just about as much for anything within coconut hurling distance from the uber-priced and under serviced marinas.  When you do hit the smaller villages, you often find the “what do you have for me approach” is taken instead, and not just from the kids either.  I’ve had grown men asking me for cans of soft drink, junk food and fishing lures all over the Sea of Cortez.  I wonder why….

A little side tracked ranting, sorry!

One thing I did have to do before we left was finally install the new steering system I had been dragging around for months!  The old system had done its dash, there was play in some of the pieces and it just looked like a dogs breakfast, and had done since we bought the boat.  Of course, when I checked at the marina how much it would be for a week, so I could try and get it done without the constant wind and currents you get in the anchorage, I quickly realised that wind and current were preferable to a constant diet of 2 minute noodles, seriously for one week they wanted almost as much as I paid for a month in Emery Cove, and there marina wasn’t even close to half as nice….

how it was, with rusty linkage and big cross bar

how it was, with rusty linkage and big cross bar

so this needs to go here, and then that there, shit wave!!  yeh took a little longer than planned

so this needs to go here, and then that there, shit wave!! yeh took a little longer than planned

So my one week project turned into 3 and change, working around nap times doesn’t help, and “persuading” new tillers into place isn’t quiet work, so some days saw little more than an hour or so of practice.  Sabi can’t take the dinghy to shore herself with Alma in the carrier, too risky, and groceries are just that little bit too far for the two of them to walk to, so I am still the hunter gatherer too.  Makes for slow going, but still beats a 9 to 5!

the mexico you won't see from the marina

the mexico you won’t see from the marina


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