It started with a broken laptop….

A year ago we were sailing around French Polynesia… I don’t know how many of you have been there, but lets just say – the internet access sucks.  I guess it’s no surprise really, I mean it’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and run by the French…

Anyways, I gave up on the idea of updating the blog until we got down to NZ – the plan (HA!) had us flying down to visit my family for Alma’s first birthday in August spend a month, then on to Tonga and Sea Mercy awesomeness…

As we know plans change… and ours took more than a few unexpected gybes along the way!

Each step of the journey deserves its own post, and maybe I’ll get that done soon, but for now I kinda feel like I’ve lost my muse…. Sure, the blog initially got behind because of shitty internet, and then my macbook met its kryptonite – a knocked over glass of water at the kitchen table, then the last minute used replacement died as soon as I got back to the boat which left me trying to get gribs and weather from my iPhone for the trip from Tahiti to NZ (could explain me having my ass handed to me on the leg from Tonga to Opua, but thats another story!).  This is how the blog silence started, but it continued long after arrival in NZ (November last year) because my inspiration was gone… we had decided to sell Sea Raven and move ashore.

The decision was made for Alma mainly, she had so much fun playing with cousins and my friends kids while we were on holiday, it seemed unfair to take her back to boat life. Sure, there are plenty of kid boats out there, but not many with toddlers, and the Pacific isn’t like Mexico, people are moving around a lot more and the sense of community we had both in La Paz and again in Banderas Bay wasn’t there.

So here we are, a year later, settling into our new life on dirt, with our little pirata Alma, who just celebrated her 2nd birthday and LOVES the local daycare she goes to several times a week! And her little sister Anouk, who’s already 3 months old and equally as cute and awesome as Alma was at that age!

Alma and Anouk - who needs the high seas!

Alma and Anouk – who needs the high seas!

And…. still with Sea Raven… She was almost sold a couple of times but… well, if you don’t have anything nice to say, best not to say anything right?!

I guess I broke my silence to share the current tender link here.  If you have followed the blog for a while, or at least read through the older posts, you’ll soon see how much has been done already.  I won’t tell you she’s turn key, there is more to do, but sadly its out of our reach now, and its time for someone else to give her a home and hopefully finish what I started. Tender finishes soon, and apparently there are a few sharks circling, but if you had any questions or are interested in finding out more, send me a message through the blog or Facebook page and I can fill in the blanks!

I really do hope to catch the blog up one of these days, there were a lot of lessons learned along the way, and part of the reason I started writing was to share those lessons and hopefully help someone out there… somehow.

All this could be YOURS!

All this could be YOURS!

But for now, all I ask is tell your friends – that is if your friends want to buy a really kick ass catamaran for a great price!!


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