A moment to introduce the crew….

El Capitan, and your narrator would be me, Terry.

IMG_5588The wrong side of thirty and refusing to admit that I have to grow up, it was my bright idea to buy a boat and sail off into the sunset.  I grew up in New Zealand, and decided to go off travelling for a year or two in 1999; I just never got around to going back… Not that I don’t like the place, its just that there is too much out here to see, and after travelling around for some years, I realised that it was just too easy to pick a destination and buy a ticket, hence the boat… well that and when the zombie apocalypse arrives, I want to be well away from it! It’s a well know fact zombies can’t swim, or did I just make that up….

my trusty co-pirate, stunning, as always

my trusty co-pirate, stunning, as always

What crew would be complete without its first-mate, purser, cook and probably the brains behind it all…. Sabine, my trusty co-pirate!Sabine had the misfortune to cross my path in 2004, on the shores of Lago Atitlan in Guatemala, being from Holland, and me from NZ, it was natural that we would meet in the middle.  Also a worldly traveller, Sabine left Holland in 2002 and travelled around Europe with her good friend in an old VW camper, before leaving the friend and the camper, to travel in a way most of us will never have the courage to do, with a combination of hitching and busking, she made her way from Spain to England, before finding her way to Mexico and into Guatemala, where the rest as they say is history!

Alma chillin on her first "surf board"

Alma chillin on her first “surf board”

Of course now we have really made life interesting and amazing, by bringing into our lives and our hearts our beautiful daughter Alma!  At just 4 weeks old she officially became a boat bubba, and has settled in smilingly to her new Nemo themed berth, there were some complaints about having to share it with us for a while, but that was quickly forgotten when I pointed out the dolphins swimming past her portlight!

And of course our trusty steed, and floating home Sea Raven.

Sea Raven at anchor

Sea Raven at anchor

A 60’ LOA (length over all for the lubbers) and 55’ waterline, ketch rigged sailing catamaran Sea Raven was completed in 1978 or there abouts, in Chesapeake Bay on the east coast of the US’n’A.  Advertised as a Jim Brown design, I emailed him shortly after the sale to find out more about her.  He had no recollection of designing a 60’ catamaran, something you’re likely to remember doing, so at this point her actual design lineage is kinda murky.  From what I could find out on the interweb, and talking to a few multihull designers/surveyors, it seems she was built from a design by Rudi Choy for the star of Bonanza, I forget his name now, but the name of the boat is Sea Smoke.  Sea Raven is a slightly modified version of those plans, with more modifications added later.  Having spent the better (worst) part of her life in active charter service, first in San Diego with Hornblower, and then in San Francisco at Rendezvous Charters, she was rescued from her life of servitude by my co-pirate and I, and we have almost (lmao) finished converting her into a live-aboard cruiser, and our home.


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  1. Well you are living my retirement dream! I have just bought my first boat and my aim is to do this boat up (which is nearly done) and then gradually get bigger! It is a big wide world out there and I just want to see it all. Well done to you! X

    • well done! it is a big wide world, and what better way to see it than from the water! Its not all sunsets and cocktails, but the good more than makes up for the bad, look forward to following your journey! Terry

  2. Your passion for adventure inspires me and I bet I’m not the only one. To follow ones dream and happiness is both a blessing and a gift. So, where too captain?

    • Thanks for all of your inspired comments, we made a choice to live a different life many years ago and it led us here. Now we have the opportunity to offer our child a life of travel and adventure, while learning about different cultures, people and places first hand. It has been an amazing journey up to now, and its all about to get that much better when our little one joins us!

  3. Hi Terry, such an awesome adventure. Glad to know and interact with you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting my blog.. 😀
    Happy sailing. Greeting from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and for introducing yourself. Wyoming does offer the opportunity to view amazing cloud formations … On this particular day, there was a sense of awe as the clouds filled the east and northern sky.

  5. You are living my dream! I am glad I came across your blog and I look forward to reading more.

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